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Digital Theatre - Enhancements for your system

Room Lighting For Home Theaters - Control And Ambiance
Room lighting control is an important aspect for home theaters - especially if you have a front-projector and screen set-up. Video projectors often demand a controlled lighting situation due to the lower light output of their displays.

Home Theater Furniture - Do you know what you need?
When you are buying home theater furniture there are a lot of criteria that you will need to consider. Luckily, if you are in this situation you should not have any problems finding what you need because this industry has taken off over the past five years.

How To Properly Arrange Lighting For Your Home Theater System
Lighting can make or break a mood. At a dance, you don't want all the lights to be on, and while studying, you don't want candles lit everywhere. This is why lighting is not something to be overlooked, especially when doing something like creating your own unique home theatre experience!

How To Choose The Right Home Theater Seating
Have you just bought a wonderful surround-sound home entertainment system but no decent home theater seating to sit on to watch the latest rented DVD? Do you always have to squeeze next to the cat and your daughter who likes to hog the old sofa like it was her bed whenever she watches anything on the screen?

Home Theater Room Design
Home theaters are all the rage, and why not?! All the comfort and convenience of your own home combined with the entertainment value of a movie theater. And with the price of movies these days, it is becoming more and more economical to build a home theater.

Choosing The Best Home Theater Furniture & Seating
Home theater furniture can actually be some of the hardest furniture that you will ever purchase. The reason is that the furniture that you get for your home theater system is not merely purchased for its aesthetic value.

Home Theater Design: Optimum Speaker Placement
The standard theater arrangement is of course a screen at one end of the room, with one central speaker, one speaker to each side of the screen, two speakers providing surround left and right, and sometimes a speaker providing surround rear.

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