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A Media Center PC Gives You the Ultimate in Home Automation
Our homes - and our lives - are increasingly filled with electronics, yet more often than not, our home electronics are so independent of one another that they're cumbersome at best and useless at worse. A Media Center PC solves that problem.

A Revolution in Home Entertainment Systems - Touchscreens & Media Servers
Home entertainment systems have come a long way since you ooh’ ed and ahh’ed because your neighbor had a few pairs of speakers that actually fit flush into his walls. That’s old news now. Even homes in comparatively modest new developments are being outfitted with a full complement of audio, network, TV and telephone wiring.

Your First Home Theater Network
Only a few years ago, home theaters consisted of large tube-based TVs, VCRs, and stereos with two speakers. Today, home theaters consist of flat-panel HDTVs, receivers, surround sound speakers, DVD players, and more.

Media Extenders and the Wired (or Wireless) Home
If you’ve been online reading lately about digital home entertainment equipment, a phrase that you may be seeing more frequently is “media extender”. This refers to a device that essentially “extends” the reach of another media source such as a DVD player.

Custom Desktop Computers
Personal computers today are custom-made for various uses. One can buy media center PCs that are solely built to watch movies, rip music, edit movies, and the like. Gaming enthusiasts can also get desktop computers that will enhance game play and provide high-quality graphics so that every game can play itself to its fullest worth.

Dvico Fusion Dual HDTV DVB-T Tuner Review
This is a PCI card which I purchased from The Glow Lounge to complete my Windows Media Center PC (for which I shall be writing a 'how to' at a later date) to place in my living room to take over from my dvd player, VCR, standard definition freeview tuner and hi-fi. It cost around £105 which you may think is a bit expensive but I shall explain the reasons for my choice later.

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