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How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes When Buying A Home Theater System
No one can know all things about all subjects and it is no different when trying to choose the best home theater system. Many people make big mistakes that diminish their home theater experience because they didnít do the proper research before buying the first place.

Home Theater Design Secrets
Having a home theater is amazing! It's like having a cinema that you can watch every time you like. Just turn off the phone, dim out the room, make yourself as comfortable as possible in your favorite coach and dive into the magic of cinema because for the next hour and a half you'll be enjoying the experience of having a home theater!

How To Figure Out And Fix Home Theater Sound Problems Quickly
You were so proud of yourself, you put together all of the components of your home theater system and everything works, except for one thing. The sound sucks!

How to Choose Your New Home Theater System
It is always a big undertaking when you decide to choose any new equipment especially a home theater system. You could compare it to buying a car because you will have to put just as much thought into it and you will definitely have to do your homework.

Home Theater: 3 ugly secrets revealed!
Secret #1: what you buy today will be obsolete tomorrow, if it isn't already. Secret #2. And this is really, really big: you can't tell what the picture looks like from what you see in the store. Secret #3. There's something wrong with everything.

Home Theater: 4 more Ugly Secrets Revealed
Secret #4: even if you get a deal on the tv, they will hose you on the stand. Most are way overpriced! Secret #5: if you buy a plasma or other "hang on the wall" set, you still have wires that will dangle unless you run them in the wall. Secret #6: if you see a tv that says "...ready" that means it doesn't have a tuner. You need a tuner. They will sell you a separate tuner. You are buying a monitor. Secret #7: some plasmas and lcd direct views look like hi-def but aren't.

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